Advanced eMail Interface (AMI).
An overcrowded inbox and little overview? That will probably give you the necessary challenges. Too many emails for the queue. Too long a response time. Always behind. And then there is also an SLA to take into account. Managing your general inbox can be a real test. And you're even costing customers. AMI is an add-on for Genesys Cloud that we developed ourselves at Cloudoe, especially for dealing with large amounts of emails by your customer service.


Smart workflows


You can process large amounts of emails more efficiently with our Advanced eMail Interface.

Advanced eMail Interface: Embedded, stand-alone or integrated

The AMI user interface is available as an embedded version or as a standalone option in your browser. You can also create an iFrame to integrate it with your CRM or other business user interface. This is all implemented according to the Genesys Client Application requirements and managed by agents to ensure secure authorization. On average, the Advanced Email Interface provides a 25% efficiency advantage.