Putting the customer first with Genesys Cloud.
Today's customers are more demanding than ever before. They seek swift responses, available on their terms and through their preferred channels, which increasingly include chat and social media.

How do you meet these demands? By delivering an optimal and consistent service experience across all communication channels. This is precisely what Genesys Cloud enables. It's an advanced all-in-one contact center solution designed to enhance customer interactions significantly. For instance, it leverages data-driven capabilities to ensure your engagements are more impactful and relevant.

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Why Genesys Cloud?

Cloudoe implements, configures, maintains, and supports Genesys Cloud, a comprehensive all-in-one solution from the market leader in customer contact solutions. Genesys Cloud consistently ranks in the Visionary category in Gartner reports, reflecting its exceptional capabilities. When combined with Cloudoe's outstanding services, it forms a unique proposition in the market, blending advanced technology with specialized skills.

Genesys Cloud is designed for scalability and flexibility, featuring APIs that integrate seamlessly with a highly intuitive application for agents, supervisors, and management. This API-based architecture ensures straightforward integration, allowing Cloudoe to tailor solutions specifically to each customer's needs, enhancing efficiency in managing customer contacts. In terms of financial flexibility, Genesys Cloud offers a subscription model where licenses are billed monthly based on usage. Additional services beyond standard license types (CX1, CX2, and CX3) are also available on a per-user basis, providing cost-effective scalability.

Furthermore, Cloudoe integrates Genesys Cloud with its own Accessibility (SIP Trunk) service, eliminating the need for separate telephony subscriptions. This integration streamlines the customer contact chain, making Cloudoe the single point of contact for comprehensive customer engagement solutions. Contact us for a detailed presentation and demo to learn more about this platform and our unique services!