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The impact of poor accessibility on customer relationships is often underestimated. When your company’s accessibility is lacking, customer dissatisfaction increases, and you risk losing significant revenue. With Cloudoe Accessibility™, you can eliminate these concerns. Our solution ensures you are reachable precisely how and when you want.


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Unified Communications Cloud telephony platform.

With our proprietary Unified Communications Cloud telephony platform, we provide an advanced solution for your telephone accessibility. You choose how to make calls: via Webex, Microsoft Teams (TeamUp), using a headset, smartphone, or even a traditional desk phone. All options are available. Furthermore, expanding communication capabilities with features like chat or video calling is made simple. By removing dependency on specific devices and media, we streamline your communications and business processes, ensuring satisfaction across the board.

Cloudoe: Your reliable cloud telephony carrier

Cloudoe introduces TeamSup, an advanced integration of Microsoft Teams with Hosted Telephony. This innovative solution combines the robust functionality of Teams with the capabilities of a professional Cloud Telephony Exchange. TeamSup ensures seamless integration, preserving full telephony features, and offering flexibility and scalability suitable for organizations of any size. The benefits are extensive: enhanced productivity, improved collaboration, cost efficiencies, and superior customer service. As a trusted partner in Hosted Telephony, Cloudoe ensures reliability and flexibility, managing its own telephone number systems and robust SIP trunk solutions. Discover the future of communication with TeamSup—the ultimate fusion of Microsoft Teams and Hosted Telephony.

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Microsoft Teams integration with hosted telephony

As an independent telecom operator, Cloudoe presents a compelling alternative for your calling minutes. We oversee phone number management directly through the COIN Association and provide cost-effective SIP trunk solutions at competitive rates. Curious to learn more? Our specialist Peter is available to assist you.

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